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Purdue Football: B1G Stats from Saturday’s Win

What were some B1G stats from Saturday’s victory? What were some abnormal stats?

NCAA Football: Ohio at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So, we can all see the box score. Whether it be from the Purdue Athletics page, your ESPN app or your bleacher report app, those are all easy to find.

But, what were some B1G stats? Some abnormal things that you don’t see in the everyday box score. After every game, I will post some B1G stats that you just don’t see in the box score, or just something that was cool from the game.

Okay, so let’s start with this. We won. That was a huge step in the right direction. Ohio is supposed to be the MAC champs this year and we took care of them.

Some weird things happened in this game, T-Mill, Juan and myself were digging some things up last night that maybe you just did not catch on Friday night.

B1G Stat #1: Double flea flicker reverse thingy.

Okay, so I know you saw this. It was just too great to leave off of the list though. Coach Brohm has showed a tendency for some trick plays. First, the spring game, then against UL he did a flea flicker, and now, well.. this.

Pretty cool, huh.

B1G Stat #2: Two kickers, no problem.

It has seemed like forever since our kicking game was good. Carson Wiggs was so darn long ago. Now, we have two pretty good fellas out there. Spencer Evans, the late summer get and former Baylor kicker (my personal favorite player on the team) and J.D. Dellinger.

Here is the weird stat. They both made a field goal in the same game. Not sure that has ever happened at Purdue, where we have had different guys make kicks. These guys have really been splitting duties through the first two games. Evans is our kick off specialist.

B1G Stat #3: First career touchdowns

Tario Fuller and Anthony Mahoungou scored their first career touchdowns at Purdue. Tario is only a sophomore and he rushed for over 140 yards this weekend. Mahoungou is a senior. The Paris native has done a great job at outside receiver. Watch his blocking it is outstanding.

B1G Stat #4: 14 there already.

Last season, we scored only 37 offensive touchdowns. Through 2 games we already have 9. We are just about 14 to where we were last season. At this pace, by game 8, we could match or surpass that total.

Hey, this offense is fun to watch.

B1G Stat #5: Looking forward.

This is probably the first time in 10 years I am looking forward to watch Purdue Football the next week. It is not doom and gloom any more. It is, “what the heck will this staff do next?”

The team is exciting to watch and you can tell how hard these guys are playing they have bought into the culture Brohm has preached since he has been here. The buy in effect is real. If we keep playing hard, we could get a low level bowl by the end of the season. If that happens, this season would be such a huge success.

Let us all continue to support this team and staff. Boiler Up!