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Friday Drankin’: Exploring Indiana Brewing with 450 North Brewing

This brewery is owned and operated by a couple Purdue grads, so it must be good.

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This week we have a relatively new brewery. In fact, I haven’t tried it yet, but I received an e-mail over last weekend from the founder, who is a Purdue grad, so that is a good way to get some free press for your brewery.

Also, sending me free beer to try might be enough for a Breaking News Friday Drankin’. Again, the things I do in the name of research.

Anyway, this week we go to Columbus, which has always felt like a bastion of Purdue close to enemy territory in Bloomington. At one time my dad, as a young pharmacist in the 70s, lived in Columbus as a bachelor before he met my mother. In addition to giving us Markell Jones, it turns out Columbus has a great new brewery.

450 North Brewing

8111 450 North

Columbus, IN

The owner and founder of 450 North is Dave Simmons, and this is what he had to say in his e-mail:

I have been following the Friday Drankin updates and I wanted to introduce you to 450 North Brewing Co. located just outside of Columbus, IN. 450 North is owned by two Purdue grads and one of them actually played basketball at Purdue. My name is David Simmons and I graduated from the school of Ag in 1983. My wife Brenda Kelsay Simmons is the one who played at Purdue from 1981-1986. Brenda played for Ruth Jones and Nancy Cross. Although her career was shortened by knee injuries, she remained with the team and later coached high school girls basketball at Shelbyville. In 2000 we opened Simmons Winery and in 2012 opened 450 North Brewing Co. We specialize in IPA’s, specifically New England style IPA’s. With the help of our two sons, we distribute throughout Indiana and some in Tennessee. We have a full service restaurant here as well and are partners in Riverfront Taproom located in Shelbyville. I also farm so that college degree is still being used.

Here is a link to what they have to offer. Again, I haven’t tried them yet, so I can’t really offer much of an opinion, but they are definitely ones I am on the lookout for. It looks like what they have comes in pint cans, which are very handy for fall Saturdays.