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Purdue Football: 5th Year Senior’s Roles

Coach Brohm spoke highly of his grad transfers this evening.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Brohm did his local radio talk show this evening.

He spoke very highly of his 5th year guys.

A caller asked, “what role will the 5th year players and grad transfers play this upcoming season?”

Coach answered with how they really don’t want to dive into the JuCo market very often, but they felt they had to this season.

As for the 5th year guys, he expects them to play quite a bit. He said that BOTH Dave Steinmetz and Shane Evans will start on the offensive line. Our O-Line is pretty much shaken out now with Hermanns at LT, Shane Evans at LG, Kirk Barron at C, Matt McCann at RG and Dave Steinmetz at RT. Not a bad starting group in my opinion.

He also said that T.J. McCollum will start at one of the linebacking spots. So probably he, Bentley and Bailey will be there. Will Danny E be a rush end type guy? Who knows.

Josh Okoyne will start in the secondary somewhere. He wasn’t too specific there. He also said if Corey Holmes would have gotten there sooner than what he did, he would be closer to starting. So, that probably means he will be near there by mid season.

I am looking forward to seeing these older guys make an impact right away for us.

Is it Saturday yet?