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Purdue Football: What to Watch for in Camp

There are a lot of questions regarding our Boilermaker football team.

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So, camp starts tomorrow for our Boilermakers. What should we expect? What questions do we have going into camp? What questions will be answered in camp?

There is so much up in the air this camp. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is set in stone. Coach Brohm and his staff have been working their butts off in recruiting on grad kids, juco transfers and getting players who were already here to be prepared for Coach Brohm’s fall campaign.

Here are some things we can look for as camp starts tomorrow afternoon.

  • What will the starting offensive line look like?

This is a shot in the dark here. Brohm has scoured the grad transfer market to get some help here. We are in dire need. The previous staff did a terrible job with recruiting depth at this position. The guys who are here are good ball players, but, depth is the issue. Here is my best guess for the starting 5:

LT - Grant Hermanns

LG - Shane Evans (NIU Transfer)

C - Kirk Barron (100% starter)

RG - Matt McCann

RT - Dave Steinmetz (Grad Transfer

This is a real shot in the dark, but I would be pretty comfortable with that group of Hogs upfront.

  • Who is going to be catching the football from David Blough?

Hmm. Who actually knows. I am going to be both Terry Wright and Isaac Zico will start. Those guys came here to ply, catch a lot of footballs in a Coach Brohm offense and win some football games. Same with Corey Holmes who will find the field due to his home run ability speed.

Did Greg Phillips have a better summer than spring? Is D.J. Edwards ahead of the pack as a true freshman since he enrolled in January? One person I think that will find the field is Jackson Anthrop. He is a redshirt freshman and the coaches have praised his work ethic and consistency to catch the ball.

My best guess:

WR - Isaac Zico

WR - Terry Wright

Slot - Jackson Anthrop

Again, shots in the dark here. But, I wouldn’t mind seeing another Anthrop on the field with two pretty explosive JuCo guys.

  • Who is the starter in the backfield?

This is quite possibly our most loaded position. But, there are only so many carries in one game for the backfield. Markell Jones had a sophomore slump, some say due to a shoulder injury. D.J. Knox is back from a knee injury and both Brian Lankford-Johnson and Richie Worship both had impressive first years on the field.

I think Brohm may use a variety of different types of backs. A back who would be considered the “bell cow”, a big back for short yardage and to be the blocking back and then of course a back that will catch the ball (Danny Woodhead type).

Bell Cow: D.J. Knox or Markell Jones

Big Back: Richie Worship (Obviously)

Scat Back: Tario Fuller or Jack Wegher

Tario could be a bell cow type guy as well. But, I have heard D.J. has been impressive this summer and I am buying in. He was good 2 years ago before the injury bug got him. Maybe, for once, he will have a healthy season.

  • Who will handle the kicking duties?

Weird headline, right? But, we have not had a consistent kicker since Carson Wiggs (Get Wiggy with it baby). My thinking is, with the transfer in of Spencer Evans, the former kicker at Baylor, makes me feel like Brohm was not happy with the spring and summer of J.D. Delinger, Brian Bravo or Myles Homan.

The transfer, Evans, will definitely be the guy who handles kick offs. Don’t be surprised if he bumps Dellinger out of a starting spot and becomes the kicker in all three phases, Kick offs, PATs and field goals. He is the real deal. See below:

  • Uh, what about the secondary?

The secondary is of major concern. I know there are two starters that will be penciled in. Veteran, Da’wan Hunte and Safety, T.J. Jallow. Hunte has been a mainstay in the secondary for a couple years now. While he is undersized at only around 5’9”, he makes up for it in his quickness and athleticism. Jallow, the product from Last Chance U (East Mississippi CC) brings an ability the secondary has lacked for a couple of years. A safety that will knock your shoes off when he hits you. Jallow is imposing at 6’2”, 215 and while he is still learning coverage, I dare teams to come across the middle on him.

We have some talented freshmen DBs coming in with the 2017 class. None more talented that Florida product, Dedrick Mackey. He has some size at 6’, 195 but can cover as well. He is the perfect blend for our secondary.

My best guess:

CB: Da’Wan Hunte

FS: Navon Mosley

SS: T.J. Jallow

CB: Dedrick Mackey

I am sure there are plenty of more questions entering camp than this, but these stick out to me the most. I am looking forward to this season getting underway! Boiler Up! Let’s Play Football!