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Friday Drankin’: Exploring Indiana Brewing with Daredevil Brewing

Speedway is the home of racing and great beer.

Wild Annual Trumpet Festival Hosted In Guca, Serbia Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

We’re back after a one-week hiatus. Last Friday I was in Los Angeles enjoying the final day of my vacation with a Dodgers’ game (my 22nd Major League park). The call of the Southern California sun was just too much write about beer.

But I am back, and we are two weeks away from the start of football season. What better way to think about football than to feature another brewery with Purdue connections:

Daredevil Brewing

1151 N Main Street

Indianapolis, IN 46224

Daredevil got its start in Shelbyville, but eventually moved operations to Speedway on Main Street just a short walk away from the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was started by a Purdue alum and its first beer was a Lift Off IPA, which was a west coast IPA. Their production brewery reached capacity in a hurry and they moved to Speedway in 2015.

Their tap room now features a light food menu, but has more than 20 beers on tap. They also do growler fills ranging between $11-14 per fill. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays all fills are even $2 off. Their beers can also be found all over Indianapolis with the Lift Off IPA and Vacation Kolsch being their most popular variants in 16-ounce cans.

Here are some of their best:

Lift Off IPA – Coming in at 7.2% ABV this is an IPA that packs a punch, but it is still quite tasty. It is listed at 72 IBUs, but it really doesn’t taste that hoppy, at least to me. It is made with American hops in a West Coast style and drinks very clean.

Race Day American Craft Lager – The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is well known for allowing you to take in your own beer, so why not bring in the Race Day beer from the brewery that is closest to the Speedway. It doesn’t get any fresher than that. This checks in at 5.2% ABV.

Vacation Kolsch – Want a tasty summer beer to drink? Enjoy the light and crisp Vacation Kolsch. This comes in at 5% ABV and 20 IBUs and is a great beer for a warm summer day. This si a nice one to stock in your garage fridge and enjoy after mowing the lawn.

As with most breweries, Daredevil works on a number of seasonal offerings and likes to rotate what is on tap in the tap room. To see what they have on tap now visit the page for their tap room.