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Former Purdue Quarterback Eric Hunter Murdered in Virignia

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The former Purdue QB was one of the few bright spots of a dismal era of Purdue football.

Eric Hunter

When I was a kid Purdue football was... much like it has been the last few years: not very good at all. We did have a few bright spots though, and one of them was Eric Hunter. He was a starting QB under both Fred Akers and Jim Colletto and has a decent 4-year career from 1989-1992.

Unfortunately, life was not good to him after laving Purdue. In 1994 he was arrested for residential entry and resisting law enforcement after entering a dorm room, brandishing a knife, and saying he was Jesus Christ on a mission from God. He later escaped a psychiatric facility and was apprehended later. After he spent time at Wabash Valley Hospital the charges were dropped and he went home to Hampton, Virginia.

Sadly, last night the 46-year-old Hunter was murdered in the parking lot of a KFC/Taco Bell of his home town:

Someone called dispatchers just before midnight on Wednesday to report several gunshot in the area. Officers found a man lying in the parking lot of the KFC/Taco Bell on East Pembroke Avenue suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. The man was later identified as 46-year-old Eric Wardell Hunter, of Hampton.

Overall, he threw for 5,598 yards and 33 touchdowns against 32 interceptions while rushing for 386 yards and 12 more TDs. His best passing season was in 1990 under Akers with 2,355 yards, while his best rushing season was under Colletto in 1992 with 293 yards. Purdue was only 13-31 in those four years, but he was still a lot of fun to watch.

This is a tragic end for a player that showed a lot of promise in his Purdue career, especially early on. Thoughts and prayers to his family.