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2018 Purdue Basketball Recruiting: Trevion Williams Commits

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Matt Painter has a new power forward

Purdue v Northwestern Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

The first domino has fallen. Purdue finally has a commitment for its 2018 basketball class, and it is Trevion Williams from Detroit. He is listed as a 6’8” 220 power forward who is a 4-star and the No. 95 prospect nationally per Rivals. ESPN also lists him as a 4-star prospect. Here is his announcement:

Of course, the most favorable comparison many have made is that he is “Biggie lite” yes, he is drawing some comparisons to Caleb Swanigan, which is very high praise:

Williams is a 6-8, 250-pound center from Henry Ford Academy who plays for The Family on the summer circuit. I talked to Williams at the Bill Hensley memorial Run N Slam in Fort Wayne in May, where he seemed excited about Purdue and his chances of following in Caleb Swanigan's footsteps. Williams' game does not yet resemble Swanigan's all-around skill, but there is a physical resemblance from the same age.

Now, none of expects Williams to come in and instantly be a human double-double like Biggie was, but this is still a very nice pickup. Enjoy some video:

I like the inside out game and rebounding ability. That’s what you need from a 4 in today’s game: rebounding and the ability to shoot. Here is what Andrew Holmes, our BT Powerhouse representative, had to say about him:

Good rebounder, about 6'9" 250 right now, great passer for a big, does most of his damage around the bucket, but isn't the most athletic kid. You can see why he's basically considered a 4-year version of Biggie. Weight could be a concern, but our strength guys will get him in shape.

Finally, here is a look at the scholarship grid now:

Purdue Basketball Scholarship Grid

Player ('17-'18) ('18-'19) ('19-'20) ('20-'21) ('21-'22)
Player ('17-'18) ('18-'19) ('19-'20) ('20-'21) ('21-'22)
Vince Edwards Senior
Dakota Mathias Senior
Isaac Haas Senior
P.J. Thompson Senior
Jacquil Taylor RS Junior RS Senior
Ryan Cline Junior Senior
Carsen Edwards Sophomore Junior Senior
Eden Ewing Junior Senior
Matt Haarms RS Freshman RS Soph. RS Junior RS Senior
Aaron Wheeler Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Nojel Eastern Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Sasha Stefanovic Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Trevion Williams Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Scholarships Used 12 9 6 5 1
Scholarships Left 1 4 7 8 12