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Purdue Football: A Family Event

This staff is much different than the one before it.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Brohm and his staff have preached since they got here, this football team needs to be a family. Coach Barclay, our running backs coach Tweeted a picture out late last week, that personally, made me smile from ear to ear.

I am late to this I know. But the lake was in my way from posting this over the weekend. Coach Barclay had his back at his place for some dinner and team bonding. These are the little things that these young men will remember in 15 years.

I coach some high school football, while obviously college ball is a totally different animal, having a coach that shows that he genuinely cares for you is important from pee-wee ball all the way to the NFL. Building rapport leads to success.

It is just a nice sight to see, as I never saw anything public like this from the previous staff. The new staff keeps doing the right things, which is getting me excited again for the fall. While obviously we want to see wins on the field, a large focus for any coach is to build great young men that will succeed after their playing days are over.

This staff is going to give us both.

Boiler Up!