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FIBA U-19 World Cup: USA vs. Italy How to Watch

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It is time for the third and final group stage game for Team USA.

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It is our nation’s 241st birthday and it is time to celebrate by watching some morning basketball live from Egypt! Carsen Edwards and Team USA had the day off yesterday after beating Angola on Sunday, but they are in action for the final Group Stage game at the 2017 FIBA U-17 World Cup. This game will decide the final placement in the knockout rounds, which begin tomorrow and run through July 9th.

USA vs. Italy

10:00AM ET at Cairo Indoor Stadium, Hall 1


Since this has been so successful at embedding the YouTube video right in the posts we will be doing it for as long as the knockout rounds are going on. Team USA has won this level of the World Cup for two years running and six times overall. hopefully Carsen can continue to do his part for a third straight U-19 World Cup title.