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33 Days to Purdue Football: Jackson Anthrop

Yes, we know the picture is of big brother Danny, but Jackson will have his own soon enough.

Indiana v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Anthrop family is Purdue. At this point we’re probably working on the next generation, but the current one still has four more years.

Jackson Anthrop – Fr. (RS)

West Lafayette, IN (Lafayette Central Catholic HS)

5’11”, 185 pounds

Wide Receiver

2017 Projection: Contributor at Wide receiver

When you rush for 2,247 yards and 55 touchdowns, that is generally a pretty good high school career. When you do it all in one season that probably means you are an Anthrop at Lafayette Central Catholic. Like older brother Danny, Jackson Anthrop threw up huge numbers in his career. Central Catholic went 15-0, winning the class A state title in his senior season. Only twice did they give up more than 8 points in a game, and they never scored fewer than 31. He finished his career as an all-state defensive back, wide receiver, and running back.

He also finished with a school record 105 career touchdowns. That is good for 14th all-time in the state of Indiana with 640 points scored (as he undoubtedly had some 2-point conversions in there.) Of the top 14 in scoring in the state of Indiana Purdue has had three of them in the past few seasons. Big brother Danny Anthrop finished with 646 points scored, even though Jackson broke his touchdowns record. Markell Jones is currently 4th all-time in scoring with 774 points scored. Jackson scored 334 points in the 2015 season, 6th best in state history and just behind Markell at 360 points in 2014.

Jackson was just a pure athlete. He also played on the 2012 state championship team as a freshman, helped LCC win four sectional titles in basketball, and helped them win a state title in baseball as a freshman with runner-up finished in 2015 and 2016. As a senior in 2016 he was 11-1 with a 1.67 ERA, giving up on 17 earned runs in 71 1/3 innings pitched. As a result, there is a chance he could spend his springs playing for Mark Wasikowski at Alexander Field.

As for football, Jackson is expected to contribute this season as a punt returner and slot receiver. We have seen what the Anthrops can do for Purdue going back to Dru on the basketball team though. We know he will contribute.