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Purdue Football Recruiting: Branson Deen Commits!

Coach Brohm gets a nice prospect from Indianapolis.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

This is officially number 20 for the 2018 class. It will continue to grow as well. Branson is a in state prospect from Lawrence Central in Indianapolis. This is a big time get in two ways. For starters, he is a really good football player, he disrupts an offensive line. Secondly, it shows the effort Coach Brohm and his staff have put into recruiting the state, as they said they would.

We are still far away from where we want to be with in state recruiting, but Branson makes number three from the state. He joins Ben Davis corner, Elijah Ball and Fort Wayne Snider DT Lawrence Johnson as in state kids.

This also makes for our 5th definite defensive line commit, with a possible 6th in Jack Cravaack, unless he comes and plays tight end. He joins defensive linemen, Lawrence Johnson (IN), Connor Parks (FL), Willie Lane (FL) and Kelvin Stokes (AL).

Coach Brohm said fixing the trenches was a priority and he would over compensate on the defensive and offensive line, as he would rather have more than enough bodies than not enough. A 5 man defensive line class is rather large, but the idea that any could play next year has to be appealing, as the only definite starter for 2018 would be Eddy Wilson. The defensive end recruits could also be converted to the hybrid DE/OLB that we have seen Rob Simmons turn into.

At 6’3”, 250 Pounds, Branson could play the edge or put on a little weight and play inside with classmate Lawrence Johnson. In his film, he shows the ability to get his hands up and bat down passes. But more importantly, you always want to see the explosion from a defensive lineman. He is very explosive. Also, another important asset is the ability to offset the offensive lineman from what they want to do, Branson seems to do this in ease in his Junior year highlights. He isn’t lightning quick, but no defensive lineman other than Von Miller is.

Overall, Branson is a great talent that could help us immediately. According to Rivals, he is a 3* prospect, 39th best player at his position and 13th best overall player in Indiana for 2018. His other offers come from Ball State, Bowling Green, Syracuse, Western Michigan and Toledo. he was gaining traction with Northwestern and Louisville, so I am sure Coach Brohm was happy to get a verbal from him.

Welcome aboard, Branson! Boiler Up!