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WATCH: David Blough Speaks at Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon

The latest member of the Cradle addressed the crowd at today’s kickoff luncheon.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Last season he led the Big Ten in passing. This year, David Blough is kicking things off with a well-received speech at the Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon in Chicago:

It is truly an honor to be selected as the speaker at the luncheon. Each year only one player is selected to speak from the contingent of players. Many times that player is also a senior, just as Keith Smith was of Purdue in 2010. For Blough to be selected as a junior only adds to the honor.

Many people have raved about his speech as well. He drew a standing ovation. it was only a five minute speech, but he talked of football, faith, growth as a person and more. He showed that he is becoming not just a good football player for Purdue, but a great leader. Purdue will rely on him heavily int he coming season, but this shows we are in good hands.