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Purdue Legend Bob DeMoss Passes Away

The former quarterback and head coach was 90.

Central Michigan v Purdue Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Bob DeMoss, the former quarterback and head coach of Purdue football, is one of hte most legendary names in our school’s football history. His tenure as head coach was short and unmemorable, as Purdue was a meager 13-18 under him from 1970-72 with two wins over rival Indiana, but before that he was basically the father of the Cradle of Quarterbacks.

Earlier today he passed away at the age of 90 according to Purdue Sports:

DeMoss played at Purdue from 1945-48, passing for 2,759 yards and 23 touchdowns during his career. That was good enough for him to be drafted in the NFL, where he played for a year. After that, he served as an assistant coach for 20 years, helping Purdue to the 1967 Rose Bowl. He mentored Len Dawson, Bob Griese, Mike Phipps, and basically the rest of the early members of the Cradle of Quarterbacks.

After being head coach for three years, he served as an assistant athletic director for another 20 years until 1992. He was inducted into the Purdue athletics Hall of Fame in 1999.

DeMoss was a true, lifelong Boilermaker. He gave almost 50 years of his life in service to Purdue and helped to establish the rich quarterback tradition that Purdue footblal is known for. He will truly be missed.