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Purdue Football Recruiting: 3 Commits in One Day?! Ok!


NCAA Basketball: Cleveland State at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so we are late on this. I hope you all understand. I was at football this morning and then Raccoon Lake for the day. Travis has been in Cincy for a Reds game (only God knows why he would do that) and Drew is uh, well, being Drew.


So, who the hell are these kids... welllll....

First of all, I can tell you they all fit a position of need for the 2018 class. A wide receiver, a running back and a hybrid linebacker defensive end kid. So, lets break these young fellas down for you guys.

Jordan Bonner - 6’3”, 190 Pounds, WR, 3* Carrollton, GA

Getting a young, explosive, big bodied wide receiver was a must for this class. We got all of that and more with Jordan. This kid has breakaway speed after the catch that you don’t see a lot with high school football players.

He is from Georgia, which is one of the hot beds for athletes in the United States, so he isn’t playing just easy competition. He is just generally the best player on the field at all times. At 6’3”, he can go up and get the ball, but he also has the ability to make the catch across the middle or on screens and turn the burners on for a long touchdown.

He was one of the main targets that Coach Brohm and his staff wanted for the 2018 class. They did a great job on reeling him in. West Virginia, Minnesota (Suck it PJ, loser), Memphis, Syracuse and Wake Forest had all offered already. But schools such as Auburn and Louisville were in the wings waiting, showing interest. Coach Shepard was the lead on this one and he has shown a great ability to close on recruits, his personality rubs off on people.

Kevin Stokes Jr - 6’3”, 250 Pounds, DE/OLB, 3*, Millbrook, Alabama

Want to see versatility? Look no further, Kevin is legit in the open field or with his hand in the dirt. He is a typical, I am going to be a pass rusher and beat you with my explosiveness off the edge every single passing down player.

He could be in the hybrid role as a DE/OLB edge rusher type guy, similar to what we may see with Rob Simmons this upcoming season. Kevin could very well be in that same type role, as he is a long athlete that can play in space if needed to cover a flat as well.

In his film you can tell he has great instincts. He is reading the QB with ease seeing where the ball is going to end up. He gets a couple of interceptions, where he shows some really nice soft hands in coverage. That is a big reason why I think he could play in space, his instincts are off the charts for a young pass rusher.

Kevin has offers from Southern Miss, Troy and Army. But, we should be happy that we got on him early, as he is in SEC country and gems can only hide for so long. Kevin is getting interest from a plethora of other schools including: Alabama, Auburn, Georgia Tech and Ole Miss.

Clay Harris - 5’10, 200 Pounds, RB, NR, Norcross, Georgia

Talk about under the radar. For one, how does Rivals not have this kid ranked yet. Secondly, how are we his only P5 offer? This kid is legit.

At 5’10, he runs low to the ground and powers thru his tacklers. At a sub 4.5 forty he pulls away from the defense with ease. He can catch the ball, he can break tackles, he has that “It” factor you look for in running backs.

I can’t believe that Purdue, FIU and Tenn-Chatt are his only D1 offers. Like, uh how? Are coaches blind? I know one that is not. Jeff Brohm, he jumped on him early and has stayed true to his word. Clay is the first RB commit for Jeff Brohm since he has been at Purdue. The class of 2017 did not have an RB, so at least one was paramount for 2018.

Clay is the real deal, my question is. How the hell has noone seen this kid to rank him or offer him. Rivals has him unranked currently, but he will probably be close to a three star I would bet.

Here, just look at his highlights yourself.

So, today was a big day for the Brohm Squad. 3 commits all in positions of need. We are currently ranked 41st in the nation in recruiting now. This could go up when Clay gets ranked. We are sitting on 18 commitments. But, as I have said, expect a 25 or more 2018 recruiting class.

These kids are great additions. Welcome aboard men, Boiler Up!