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Friday Drankin’: Exploring Indiana Brewing with Flat 12 Bierwerks

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Let’s go to downtown Indy for a hidden away brewery with a lot of good beer.

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The problem with creating a new weekly feature is when you forget you created a new Friday weekly feature. That was me until about 2:30 this afternoon. Last week’s Friday Drankin’ on People’s Brewing was a big success, so let’s keep it going. Many people recommended Three Floyd’s and while they are extremely popular, I am not a huge fan of them, so I am not really qualified to write on them. To me, their beers are far too hoppy for my tastes and they seem to respond by making them even hoppier. I am willing to do more research, however.

The things I do for this site, man.

Anyway, for the next brewery let’s go to Indianapolis. The Circle City has more than a dozen high quality breweries, and it feels like new ones are opening every day. This brewery is extremely close to the Hammer & Rails World Headquarters on the near east side of Indianapolis:

Flat 12 Bierwerks

414 N. Dorman Street

Indianapolis, IN

Flat 12 can be a little hard to find, but it is worth the look. It is located on Dorman Street between Michigan Street (one way westbound) and New York Street (one way eastbound) just east of the immediate downtown core. It is to the east of the I-65/70 highway, so if you get off at New York Street and go east Dorman Street is just east of the railroad tracks.

Their taproom is excellent too. It features both and indoor and an outdoor area with the indoor section having a projection screen and the outdoor area often having live local bands. The beer is excellent too. Flat 12 has a core lineup of the usual styles (blonde, pale, porter, IPA, etc.), and they often have different seasonals and specialties. It usually comes out to about 12 styles on tap at any time. Their core beers are also bottled and available at least in Indianapolis at most liquor stores and grocery stores. The pricing is good too, as they have growler fill specials for as low as $6 on Wednesdays.

Perhaps my favorite thing they do is the 12 beers of Christmas. Every year in December they have 12 small batch beers of different variants. In the past they have done one beer a day for 12 days, but last year they released four new beers every Wednesday before Christmas. Of these, the Snickerdoodle blonde is by far the best.

Here are some of their better beers that are regularly in the rotation:

Hinchtown HammerdownThis beer is usually a spring seasonal near the Indy 500 and is canned in honor of driver James Hinchcliffe. It is a 4.8% ABV with 27 IBUs and is a nice, smooth pilsner track beer. It has become a May tradition for me to get some of this and take it to the track.

Pogue’s Run PorterSome people are partial to IPAs, but I prefer a nice, dark porter. Pogue’s Run is exceptionally smooth, especially from the taproom. At 5.5% ABV it is one of their core beers that is available year-round and is both bottled and canned.

Downtown Tinker BrownThis beer combines two of my favorite things in life: beer and coffee. It was a seasonal collaboration earlier this year with local tinker Coffee Company and at 28 IBUs, it is a smooth as silk coffee brown ale. It is a decently strong 6% ABV too.

Walkabout Pale AleThis is an easy-drinking 5.3% ABV and 40 IBU pale that is also part of Flat 12’s core lineup. It doesn’t go too much on the hopes while still maintaining the flavor, which is what I like. The one time I went to an Indy Eleven soccer match I tried this and it was really, really good.

Unlike people’s last week, Flat 12 has a regularly updated page with their tap room hours as well as what is currently on tap. They also have a separate tap room open in Jeffersonville down in southern Indiana. They are always experimenting with new beers too, so give them a try.