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Purdue Basketball: Mother Speaks Out

Mother of incoming Freshman speaks out on GBI Free Board.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Midwest Regional Practice Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, she grabbed my attention. I think it is post worthy. But a mother of an incoming freshman, who was unnamed, spoke out on the GBI Free Board. She talked about how as a fan base we need to support Painter and not berate him, etc.

Here you can read it for yourself:

I agree with her. I am one of the biggest Painter supporters. I think he is a great coach and have no issues with his recruiting. Ever since he went back to recruiting Purdue guys, instead of solely based on talent. We have been very good.

Some call for Coach Painter’s head. But, who would we hire? He is fantastic for Purdue, as he played here and has been an assistant coach and now our head coach. I have always been behind him. He represents what Purdue is about, hard nosed, tough basketball.

Boiler Up.