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45 Days to Purdue Football: Lane Beeler

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The walk-on from McCutcheon is trying to see the field as a fullback.

Illinois Fighting Illini v Purdue Boilermakers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Once again, we have two players sharing a number, so I will split them into different posts. Today we meet a townie running back first.

Lane Beeler – Jr.

Westpoint, IN (McCutcheon HS)

5’10”, 214 pounds

Running Back

2017 Projection: Deep reserve at running back

In three years on the team Beeler has yet to see the field as a walk-on running back. He joined the team before the 2014 season and has been a strong practice player ever since. It was a short commute for him to come to Purdue as well. He comes to us from McCutcheon on the south side of Lafayette.

Beeler projects mostly as a fullback with his size, and given Purdue's lack of a current fullback he could eventually work his way to the field there. As you can see from his highlights, he loves to hit people and clear the road, so let's let him do that. We can even watch him score a TD:

When Beeler was at McCutcheon they only won 10 games in four years, but he was a good blocker, opening the whole for running backs all day.