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David Blough Named to Wuerffel Trophy Watch List

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He is really, just an all around great guy.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

David Blough has been named to the Wuerffel Trophy Watch List.

So now you are all asking:

“What the hell is the Wuerffel Trophy, Kyle?”


I always tell my students to not use Wikipedia, but this was such a good explanation, I had to use it. Sometimes they aren’t terrible.

So basically, David Blough got named to a trophy watch list for people who are just great humans. As many know, I live in God’s Country and I see a lot of the Purdue Athletes in the community doing their part.

None more than the man listed above, David Blough. Just the other day, as I was driving home from coaching football, I saw David and a couple other players at what used to be Linwood Elementary, which is on the North Side of Lafayette.

The North Side of Lafayette is the part that most people say to stay away from, there is much more crime and a lot of high risk young children that need mentored. David and couple other players, that I just could not recognize, were there playing catch with the kids near the playground.

I thought to myself, we have some damn good guys on this football team. Purdue always has good guys on their teams too.

David has taken a few mission trips to what I believe was Haiti to help build homes that families have lost to devastation or just have never had one. David is just a great guy.

So, here is to hoping that David has a great, healthy season and that he remains the face of this team, as there is not any other guy I would want to represent Purdue University as our QB.