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Purdue Basketball: Relax, Coach Painter has a Plan

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We all need to take a few steps off the edge.

NCAA Basketball: Crossroads Classic-Purdue at Notre Dame Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It was just a couple weeks ago. Everyone was praising Coach Painter for his first commit of the 2018 class, Trevion Williams. “Big Man U” “Coach Painter lands another big time post” “Man, this class is off to a great start”, etc.

Then, the past 24 hours happened. Now it is, “Coach Painter can’t close” “He is awful in the summer he can’t get it done” “Archie is better than Painter”, etc.

I could dig thru Twitter and actually find these tweets, call people out, but, ain’t no one got time for that.

Listen, Coach Painter is doing fine.

Remember last year, people were saying the same things, literally, almost the exact same. Then Aaron Wheeler committed. Everyone complained, said he was just another tall, skinny wing, just another middle of the pack 3*. Guess what, you are all excited for him now.

He landed Nojel Eastern, a combo guard that is built like a forward. We were all excited for him, Nojel will be able to play right away.

Matt Haarms, the 7’2” stretch big man. Has great upside, people think he can be great, some think he is a bust. Got to campus early in January, put on 20 pounds of muscle already and looks like he may be able to contribute.

Got a highly rated JuCo guy in Eden Ewing, that will help fill the hole that was left by the departure of Caleb Swanigan. By the way, Caleb Swanigan was a 5*, first round draft pick that Coach Painter recruited.

Late into the game, after the dismissal of Basil Smotherman, Coach Painter stuck to his word he said a few years ago. He will get a great shooter per class. Enter Sasha Stefanovic. The Indiana native from Crown Point that has already been deemed one of the best shooters on the team.

2018 rolls around. He got Trevion Williams early. A guy who compares to Caleb Swanigan in height in size when committing to Purdue. He even says he looks up to Biggie.

Don’t freak, we rarely get guys in the middle of the summer. Nojel came in November, Wheeler in October, Stefanovic in the Spring, Haarms in September.

We are fine. Travis wrote a piece earlier with all the guys still available. Take a gander, no need for me to repeat it all.

Listen, it is time to trust Painter. He has extended resources, a new pipeline in Texas with Coach Lutz on staff and lets be honest, he knows how to evaluate talent, better than you, better than me or better than anyone that you know that is a Purdue fan.

Let this all develop. Anderson committing to IU was weird, ya, especially after a guy ranked higher than him that plays the same spot did right before him. Scholarships are a premium, Anderson probably felt pressure to commit.

Coach Painter will have another solid class. It isn’t about stars, it is about guys that buy in, see Dakota Mathias and P.J. Thompson, sometimes the under the radar kids are the best ones. We just have to sit back, relax and watch it develop. If you want to be developed, you know where to come.