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Friday Drankin’: Exploring Indiana Brewing with People’s Brewing

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A new series starts exploring Indiana Breweries.

Melburnians Take Part In Beer Yoga Class Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

It is summer. It is hot. There is very little better in life than a cold beer on a warm summer night. In what might become a new series on Fridays let’s take a look around the state of Indiana and feature some local breweries. These are places where you can get a sixer for a fall tailgate and impress all your friends there.

Our first brewery will be one that was nice enough to welcome us for a tour a few years ago before the last Notre Dame game in West Lafayette.

People’s Brewing

2006 N. 9th Street

Lafayette, IN

If we’re going to go local you can’t get much more local than People’s Brewing. They opened up about five years ago on north 9th street in Lafayette and they are the only production brewery in Lafayette or West Lafayette. They also have some of their products available at Ross-Ade Stadium, as their Sgt. Bravo has been available in both the Shively Stadium Club and in Morgantown for the past few seasons.

People’s is available all over the state of Indiana, however, so if you’re going to bring a sixer to a game you don’t have to wait until you get to Lafayette and find a liquor store. Their tap room is also open on Game Days for growler fills. Their tap room Facebook page has a list of what their seasonal beers are and what’s on tap. A growler fill starts at the highly economical $8! At that price I could almost stomach another season of John Shoop’s offense. (no, not really)

Here are some of their better beers:

Sgt. Bravo Pale Ale

This is an American pale that doesn’t have the hoppy bite of IPAs. It is also regularly on sale at Ross-Ade Stadium, though that could change this year with the expanded alcohol sales. It carries and ABV of 4.8% with 39 IBUs, so it is not a heavy beer. Definitely a good one for game days.

Gourdon Pumpkin Ale

This is their fall seasonal and it can be hard to find. It is one that is definitely worth a growler fill if they have it available at the tap room. It is listed as a 6.8% ABV and 20 IBUs, so it has a bit of a punch, but it is a nice, smooth pumpkin beer without too much spice.

Space Cowboy

Do you like hops? This is a shotgun full of hops to the face. Space Cowboy is a season Imperial IPA that People’s also bottles. It has some stank on it with a 9% ABV and the 96 IBUs pack a punch. Personally, I am not a fan of overly hoppy beers, but others have strongly recommended this one. It is a winter seasonal for them, so it is a good pickup before going to Mackey Arena.

Mr. Brown

I am a big fan of browns and porters, especially in the fall. Mr. Brown is a good, smooth one weighing in at 7% ABV and 47 IBUs. It is not quite as heavy as a porter or a stout, but it still brings a ton of flavor without being too bitter.

To see more of People’s selections visit their Untappd page, which is often a little more up to date than their website. Their Facebook page also shows what is currently on tap in the tap room.