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Purdue Coach Joe Tiller Reportedly Battling Health Issues

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The beloved Purdue coach received support from Kevin Sumlin.

Champs Sports Bowl: Purdue v Maryland Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

For a couple of weeks we have heard some rumors behind the scenes that former Purdue coach Joe Tiller is battling poor health. There has been nothing concrete, however, so we haven’t reported on it. Most of it has been inference with no definite knowledge of what is going on. As you know, coach Tiller is a pretty private person. He deserves that privacy.

Sadly, those rumors were confirmed today via Kevin Sumlin during his press conference at the SEC Media Days:

We’re still not sure what coach Tiller is battling, but it sounds pretty serious. He has taken several visitors this summer at his home in Wyoming form former players including Drew Brees himself.

I am not going to go into speculation, but we do wish Coach Tiller the best in his fight. He is a large reason this blog exists since he was coach during my time at Purdue. He is a loveable old coot that Purdue fans are grateful for since he turned the program around pretty much immediately 20 years ago.

Get well soon, coach.