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Catching Up With Noah Ellison

I spoke with the newest member of Purdue’s 2017 class yesterday.

NCAA Football: C-USA Championship-Louisiana Tech at Western Kentucky Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Purdue added preferred walk-on WR Noah Ellison to the 2017 recruiting class. Noah is an interesting late add, because he had scholarship options at smaller schools, and some pretty high profile preferred walk-on options, including his home town Louisville Cardinals. It's not often that you can improve your roster this late in the process, but adding Ellison to Purdue's paper thin receiving group can be only viewed as a positive. Kyle provided a good write up on Ellison yesterday, so I’ll get straight to the interview.

I reached out to Noah on twitter yesterday, and he was gracious enough to answer a few questions.

You played for one of the premier programs in Kentucky, could you give me a quick run down of your Trinity career?

My career at Trinity High School was very rewarding and a blessing to me. As a freshman, after finishing up my season, I was given the opportunity to move up and play with the varsity team for the remainder of the year. That definitely prepared me for what was to come the next 3 years. As a sophomore during the beginning of the year I had a big role in preparing the defense for the upcoming game. My efforts and hard work doing that was then noticed by the coaches, which I later found myself getting some reps during the games heading into the playoffs and so on. We finished up being State Champs that year and that only inspired me even more to get another one. Junior year I started as a tight end/ receiver who would split out wide and run routes as well as block and run routes, create mismatches against line backers. I would both put my hand on the ground and block as well as split out. Senior year I moved to H back which is a primary slot Receiver in our offense. So I played a little of outside WR, inside WR, tight end, and running back in some cases. At times i would split out wide to run some routes, but mainly I played in the slot which allowed me to go against safeties and line backers. We as a team finished up the year 15-0 and was humbled to win a State title.

You had plenty of options in recruiting, what specifically drew you to Purdue, and who on the staff was your main recruiter?

What specifically drew me to Purdue was the goals and visions everyone has for the program. Coach Jeff Brohm and the whole staff have huge plans for the program and many great things are happening there. Surrounding the program are people who are very supportive and love what is going on there, especially for what is to come. There is excitement all around the program and the school. Having the opportunity to play for Coach Jeff Brohm and the rest of the staff is a blessing. The Brohm's being a part of Trinity High School and them graduating from Trinity as well plays a big role. The whole connection with that excites me. Outside of football, the academics at Purdue are second to none and graduating with a degree from there would be a dream. During the process my recruiter was Coach Brian Brohm. His enthusiasm and excitement about what is going on there was very noticed by me.

Coach Brohm is known for his uptempo offense, how do you see yourself fitting into his scheme?

I see myself fitting into the scheme of Coach Brohm's offense very well because at Trinity we also ran a very similarly high, uptempo offense. I am extremely excited to be a part of it. We ran a spread offense, a lot of no huddle, quick motions, play action, as well as run pass option. So Coach Brohm's offense appeals to me a lot and I am definitely looking forward to being a part of it. Having some background and a feel to a similar offense will really benefit me and it makes me very eager to get started.

You excelled in the classroom as well as on the football field in high school. Do you know what you're planning to major in at Purdue?

At Purdue I am planning on majoring in financial counseling and planning.

Finally, do you have a message for the Boilermaker fans reading this article?

My message to the Boilermaker fans is. Get ready for some exciting football, winning starts top down and these coaches know how to win. They have won as players and coaches and from a players view that is exciting. Boiler UP!

I want to thank Noah for taking the time out of his day to answer my questions, and I’m certainly glad to have him on board for next season.