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Jon Octeus Could Play in 2020 Tokyo Olympics with Proposed 3-on-3 Basketball Team

How do you say “Baptizing the Masses” in Japanese?

Purdue v Wisconsin Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

This past Friday, the Associated Press reported that 3-on-3 basketball could be included in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

The half-court basketball format — close in spirit to neighborhood park pick-up games — once seemed set for the 2016 Olympics...Now, FIBA believes men’s and women’s tournaments in 3-on-3 are even better suited after skateboarding and sport climbing joined the Tokyo lineup last year.

However, it seems unlikely that current NBA players would join the 3-on-3 teams in these first Olympics as it is a different style. This would most likely open up these positions to D-League and Euro League players. According to NBC Sports, one of those players could be Purdue graduate, Jon Octeus. Octeus currently plays on the 3-on-3 2017 team for the United States.

At the moment, we are unsure if Collin Hartman is eligible to play for a team the United States would face in 2020. He is still recovering from the 2015 Purdue-IU game.