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Purdue Football: “Jeff Brohm Will Outwork Every Coach in America”

So far, I believe it too.

NCAA Basketball: Cleveland State at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It’s cliche almost. You hear it from every college football coach. But, sometimes you think they are just full of it.

Jeff Brohm has promised he will out work every coach in America.

I believe it.

Why do I believe it? I am not quite sure, but I have bought into what he is throwing out. This isn’t an over night fix. I know that, you know that and most importantly, Coach knows that.

Why did he choose Purdue to get his first Power 5 job at then? The past decade of Purdue football has been miserable. Like, really bad. But, Coach Brohm will turn it around. Remember when we weren’t happy when Coach Tiller would only get a 7 or 8 win season?

We would love to see a 5 or 6 win season now.

We have seen his hard work paying off on the recruiting trail already. With 14 commits and it is the end of June. Expect somewhere around 25 commits for this class.

I was able to see some of the youth football camp. You can tell they out work into that, bringing the same style of camp he had at WKU to Purdue translated well. Another thing that will translate well? His style of offense.

He knows what he is doing. He doesn’t have “his guys” yet. But, I would bet a lot of money he will do more than make due with what was left to him. No matter how bare the cupboard may be.

He has been getting 5th year guys, grad transfers, JuCo transfers since he accepted the job. Just to fill needs that were ignored by the previous staff. Darrell Hazell talked a big game, but he never backed it up.

I was told that Hazell didn’t let his coordinators or position coaches offer recruits, everything came through him. Coach Brohm trusts his coaches, he lets them offer away. He does his due diligence, but if Coach Shepard says he loves someone, I bet Coach Brohm lets him offer.

There is just a feel to this staff to where I trust these men. I trust what Coach Brohm is feeding me. I was hurt emotionally by the hire of Coach Hope, when it should of been Spack, but Morgan Burke didn’t listen to Joe Tiller.

I was excited for Coach Hazell, he said everything right. He won in the MAC. But his offense there was not transformational like Coach Brohm’s. I lost hope in DH very quick. When he said we would be a power run team, with Akeem Hunt and Raheem Mostert as our running backs and Rob Henry as our Quarterback. Uh, that’s a spread offense just by reading the names.

I am comparing and really just ranting at this point. But, buy in to this new staff. I am.

Coach Brohm has promised he will outwork every coach in America. I truly believe it. Do you?