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He Gone, Jalen Neal Out for Purdue Football

Purdue loses an offensive tackle.

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As expected, attrition has continued thru the off-season. The latest is 6’8” tackle, Jalen Neal.

This comes from Mike Carmin’s blog, where he has a running total of who is leaving the program.

It really isn’t much of a surprise that Jalen Neal is being released from his scholarship. I am sure that Coach Brohm and offensive line coach Dale Williams sat down and watched tape and said “this guy is huge, but can’t move or block to save his life.”

You can see that in literally any game that he played in this past season. I feel bad for him, I really do. He had a coach that offered him, Hazell, that was probably like “Oh this kid is gigantic, people will get excited over his size.”

As you can see from the offensive line commits Coach Brohm has had this summer, he values tall, athletic lineman that can move all around. Jalen was tall, but athletic does not describe him.

He is the 4th player to leave the program this off-season. Joining Terrance Landers Jr, Tim Faison and Malik Kimbrough.

We all expected some guys to leave this summer, don’t be surprised if there are more, as Coach Brohm will want a large 2018 class.