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Watch: Swanigan’s Reaction on Draft Night

Ohio State v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

In case you were in a coma in the last 24 hours, Caleb Swanigan was drafted last night by the Portland Trail Blazers. Last night, Swanigan had a Draft Watch Party in his hometown of Fort Wayne, which was attended by the Purdue basketball team and Coach Matt Painter. The video below shows highlights from that event, and the moment it was announced that Biggie would be going west.

In his first year at Purdue, it was often reported that Biggie was a “loner” and apart from the rest of the team. Regardless, it’s obvious that this team embraced Swanigan and the team loved him back. We will all certainly miss Biggie, and we hope the team continues to play hard and work harder on the court thanks to Biggie’s legacy.