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Lewis Jackson Arrested in Illinois

The former Boiler appears to be in deep, deep trouble.

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NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

Over the years I have had a lot of favorite players that have stood out. one of those is Lewis Jackson. LewJack always played with a ton of heart. He was tenacious defensively and played a fearless brand of basketball that endeared him to Purdue fans. He meshed with the “Baby Boilers” just a year ahead of him as their point guard, and when he was running the offense with them, there was some transcendent basketball being played in West Lafayette.

LewJack later played overseas and had some success in the D League, but was cut this past February. Unfortunately, he ran into big trouble on Saturday:

According to the news account, deputies found more than 70 grams of heroin, two Xanax pills, and 8.4 grams of marijuana inside the car. Jackson was booked in the Macon County Jail and posted bond Monday.

That, folks, is not good. Before his sophomore season he had a two-game suspension for weed due to an offseason incident, but this is a felony amount of heroin on his person.

I really, really hate to see this because LewJack is a good guy. Purdue fans adored him during his time on campus. but this is not good.