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Boilermaker Special VIII to Debut This Fall

The X-Tra Special is getting a makeover!

NCAA Football: Indiana State at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On October 19, 1996 the Boilermaker Special VI, a.k.a., the X-tra Special, made its debut. For the uninformed, it is the smaller version of the Boilermaker Special on a golf cart chassis that not only leads the football team onto the field at games, but it can make appearances at basketball games as well. The X-tra Special has been a long-serving member of the Reamer Club for 21 years now, but this fall it will have a makeover:

So I worked my contacts, and long-time friend of the blog Paul Branham (a former pilot of BMS V and BMSVII) had this to say:

It's long overdue, that's all I really know. I think they had already secured the chassis when I "retired" from the club. If not, it was shortly thereafter when they got it.

So that is what I know. The BMS VII debuted in August 2011 as a makeover of the previous BMS V. It has taken awhile for the X-tra Special to get its makeover, but it looks like that will be coming this fall.