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Purdue Football: Predicted Defensive 2-Deep Come August

Let’s take a look at the defensive side of the ball for our prediction today.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we looked at the offensive side of the ball. Surprisingly, a lot of you agreed with my two deep. Today is a literal shot in the dark, as the defensive side of the ball changes a lot. The defense has been bad for a couple of years now too, so a lot of change could occur, a new system will be installed and the coaches owe these players nothing.

So, let’s take a look at what we got.

End: I had to get creative here for a #2 guy, it would cause a rotation around the defensive line, but this is the best I got. Higgins, a JuCo guy, has impressed with his speed early on.

  1. Kai Higgins - 6’4”, 250 Pounds, Sophomore (JuCo Transfer)
  2. Gelen Robinson - 6’1”, 285 Pounds, Senior

Tackle: Gelen moved inside during the spring, as he has gotten stronger and put on muscle weight. At 6’1”, his build is better fit for the inside as well. If called upon, he could do some end duties though.

  1. Gelen Robinson - 6’1”, 285 Pounds, Senior
  2. Lorenzo Neal - 6’2”, 345 Pounds, Sophomore

Nose: Eddy Wilson almost didn’t come back. Thank goodness he did. Eddy could be our best defensive lineman this upcoming season.

  1. Eddy Wilson - 6’4”, 305 Pounds, Junior
  2. Lorenzo Neal - 6’2”, 345 Pounds, Sophomore

Rush End/Hybrid: Simmons can put his hand in the dirt or stand up and rush off the edge. He is an exciting athlete that could cause some turnovers.

  1. Rob Simmons - 6’6”, 235 Pounds, Junioe
  2. Kai Higgins - 6’4”, 350 Pounds, Sophomore (JuCo Transfer)

Will Linebacker: Bailey is impressive. He was our best linebacker last season. Good news, he is only a sophomore. He will be good for the next 3 years.

  1. Markus Bailey - 6’1”, 235 Pounds, Sophomore
  2. Sawyer Dawson - 6’1”, 230 Pounds, Sophomore

Mike Linebacker: Bentley has started every game when healthy since day one. He is the old man of the group now and is the leader of this group. McCollum will get a lot of playing time as well. He lead WKU in tackles the last two seasons.

  1. Ja’Whaun Bentley - 6’2”, 250 Pounds, Senior
  2. T.J. McCollum - 6’3”, 235 Pounds, Senior (Grad Transfer)

Sam Linebacker: Danny E is fast. He tracked down Jackson Anthrop in the spring game from behind. He has had a roller coaster career, doing both well and playing poorly. McCollum could push him to start.

  1. Danny Ezechukwu - 6’2”, 240 Pounds, Senior
  2. T.J. McCollum - 6’3”, 235 Pounds, Senior (Grad Transfer)

CB1: Hunte was very good last year. In a Nickel formation, he would probably slide over into the slot. He is our most versatile guy.

  1. Da’Wan Hunte - 5’9”, 185 Pounds, Senior
  2. Antonio Blackmon - 6’, 190 Pounds, Senior

Strong Safety: Jallow, the hard hitting safety out of last chance U. In the spring game he looked the part, but seemed lost in coverage, we might see him more in the box than in one on one situations.

  1. T.J. Jallow - 6’2”, 205 Pounds, Junior (JuCo Transfer)
  2. C.J. Parker - 6’2”, 210 Pounds, Senior

Free Safety: Okoyne could play here too and Blackmon could be the other starting corner. But for now, I have Mosley. He can cover a lot of ground, exactly what you want in a free safety.

  1. Navon Mosley - 6’, 185 Pounds, Sophomore
  2. Tim Cason - 5’11”, 190 Pounds, Junior

CB2: Okoyne could be one of starting safeties, but for now, he is a corner. The staff has said that is where he will start position wise this summer. I like Hayes a lot too.

  1. Josh Okoyne - 6’, 185 Pounds, Senior (Grad Transfer)
  2. Josh Hayes - 6’, 180 Pounds, Sophomore

What do you guys think?