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Purdue Football: Predicted Offensive 2-Deep Come August

A lot can change over the summer during practice and camp, here is a prediction of a potential 2-deep.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot of excitement around Purdue Football again for the first time in half of a decade. Verbals are coming left and right, coaches are selling the program, and a new facility is on the way.

Summer practices and team camp are on the horizon. A lot of things can change, injuries, grades, people leaving the program etc., but this is my prediction of what I think the 2-deep will look like come August before the first game. More than likely, I will be completely wrong. Feel free to add your comments on what you think the 2-deep could look like come August as well. Thanks for reading!

QB: I expect Jared Sparks to beat out Sindelar for the backup quarterback spot. His versatility is enticing to Coahc Brohm, that was evident in the spring game, as he was in a wildcat package and played wide receiver.

  1. David Blough - 6’1”, 205 Pounds, Junior
  2. Jared Sparks - 6’1”, 200 Pounds, Redshirt Freshman

RB: I think that 3 to 5 running backs will get carries this season, possibly per game. Coach Brohm isn’t in love with Markell, that showed in the spring game when he was RB4. I do think he will have a healthy summer and push for number 1.

  1. Tario Fuller - 6’, 195 Pounds, Sophomore
  2. Markell Jones - 5’11”, 210 Pounds, Junior or D.J. Knox - 5’7”, 210 Pounds, Junior

FB/H-Back: A hybrid blocking back, Richie is perfect for this spot, as well as to rack up short yardage.

  1. Richie Worship - 6’1”, 245 Pounds, Sophomore
  2. David Yancey - 5’10”, 220 Pounds, Senior

X-Receiver: Zico committed with the mindset he will get some playing time in an explosive offense. He will be a solid outside receiver.

  1. Issac Zico - 6’, 190 Pounds, Junior (JuCo Transfer)
  2. Anthony Mahoungou - 6’3”, 215 Pounds, Senior

Z-Receiver: Holmes sub 4.4 forty speed will be hard to keep him off the field. Will has pass catching ability improve? Supposedly that is what held him back at Notre Dame.

  1. Corey Holmes - 6’1”, 195 Pounds, Junior (Grad Transfer from Notre Dame)
  2. DJ Edwards - 6’2”, 185 Pounds, Freshman

Slot Receiver: I think Jackson can push Wright for some playing time here. He is a smart durable kid, he has impressed the coaches this spring.

  1. Terry Wright - 6’, 175 Pounds, Junior (JuCo Transfer)
  2. Jackson Anthrop - 5’11”, 190 Pounds, Redshirt Freshman

Y (Tight End): This is our best position on the field. Herdman and Hopkins will get plenty of playing time. Both look like NFL tight ends.

  1. Cole Herdman - 6’4”, 250 Pounds, Junior
  2. Brycen Hopkins - 6’5”, 245 Pounds, Sophomore

LT: Hermanns is the athletic tackle that Brohm wants and needs in his offense. Steinmetz will push for some playing time.

  1. Grant Hermanns - 6’7, 295 Pounds, Redshirt Freshman
  2. Dave Steinmetz - 6’8”, 310 Pounds, Senior (Grad Transfer Rhode Island)

LG: I think Swingler can catch Mendez here. He works his butt off. Mendez is a mean guard, just the type of guy you need inside.

  1. Mike Mendez - 6’4”, 295 Pounds, Sophomore
  2. Eric Swingler - 6’5”, 305 Pounds, Junior

C: Kirk is the leader of this fairly young offensive line. It is important that he is healthy, if he plays well, the line will do well.

  1. Kirk Barron - 6’2”, 305 Pounds, Junior
  2. Viktor Beach - 6’3”, 295 Pounds, Freshman

RG: Evans will walk in and start at a spot of need. With a couple years of experience he will be a great addition to the line.

  1. Shane Evans - 6’4”, 310 Pounds, Junior (Grad Transfer Norther Illinois)
  2. Eric Swingler - 6’5”, 305 Pounds, Junior

RT: There have been rumors of McCann moving inside, but he is my starter at RT until proven otherwise. He and Evans are road pathers, we will be able to run behind these two on the right side.

  1. Matt McCann - 6’6”, 325 Pounds, Sophomore
  2. Dave Steinmetz - 6’8”, 310 Pounds, Senior (Grad Transfer Rhode Island)

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments! Boiler Up!