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Caleb Swanigan to the Spurs Makes too Much Sense

If Biggie goes to San Antonio, he could have a long career for a stable franchise.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Midwest Regional-Purdue vs Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

He isn’t the fastest.

He isn’t the tallest.

He isn’t the best prospect.

But, there is not 30 or more players in this draft that are better than Caleb Swanigan. He is under 6’8” without shoes, his vertical isn’t great, he isn’t going to outrun you and he may struggle to defend.

Productivity, that doesn’t lie though.

Things that Caleb will do? He will out hustle you, out position you, out rebound you, play more aggressive than you and he will produce better than you. Caleb has worked too hard to not get what he wants. Productivity doesn’t lie and he has produced.

Caleb Swanigan to the San Antonio Spurs makes too much sense.

They aren’t pretty, like the Warriors, but nor is Caleb. They are a system team, always have been under Coach Pop, Caleb was a system guy with Coach Painter, it worked out well. They aren’t the best athletes in the league, but nor is Caleb. In a time where everyone is wanting to shoot more threes, the Spurs still rely on a solid transition game, mid-range and being just smarter than you. Guess what, Caleb is smarter than most prospects in this draft too, his basketball IQ is phenomenal.

The Spurs are losing quite a bit. Some say they may need to draft a point guard as Tony Parker tore his groin up. I think they may get Chris Paul, he is tired of losing in the playoffs, Pop can get him to the finals. Pau Gasol is a dinosaur now, price tag is too much, I think at his age, Caleb could probably out play him. Pau wasn’t all that great this year with them, happy trails Pau. Manu may retire, so maybe shooting guard will be a pressing need, not so fast, there are plenty of shooters that will be free agents at the 2 guard spot. DeWayne Dedmon? He had a surprisingly good year for them, hes a free agent and will want more money, he won’t be back.

Free Agency at the Power Forward position, outside of Blake Griffin, isn’t that great. Aldridge and Biggie could play together and thrive. Both solid rebounders, both can stretch the floor in this day and age where big men have to be able to stretch it to at least 18 feet. Caleb will out hustle faster players and he will out work bigger players, that is his mentality.

There will be about 20 other teams kicking themselves in the butt in 5 years. He has made a living proving people wrong, he will do it once again. Best of luck Biggie.

With the 29th pick in the NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs select, Caleb Swanigan, Forward, Purdue University. Wouldn’t that be sweet to hear?