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Purdue Football: Defensive Backs Breakdown/Analysis/Synopsis

A position that should be a lot better this season.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The secondary was bad last year. Teams did what they wanted t us in the air.

It wasn’t pretty to watch, but it was the norm during the Darrell Hazell era. It seemed as if it happened game in and game out, 300 yards here 400 yards there, it was ugly. Real ugly.

Coach Brohm has tried to fix it with some quick fixes.

Enter T.J. Jallow and Josh Okoyne, two guys transferring in that should make a huge impact right away. Grown men.

We need these guys to help fill the holes that seemed were all over the secondary last year. One returnee, Da’Wan Hunte, was solid and he is returning for his senior year, but outside of that, it wasn’t pretty.

Here is to hoping that we will be better this upcoming season.


CB1: Da’Wan Hunte - 5’9”, 190 Pounds, Senior

The savvy vet. It seems like Hunte has been playing forever. He has been solid through his career and has continued to get better. His size would make him a better nickel corner, but we don’t have that depth. He will likely cover the number one every game.

CB2: Josh Okonye - 6’, 200 Pounds, Grad Transfer Senior

He started 10 games last year for Wake Forest. With his big size he is a great open field tackler and actually had 44 total tackles last year. The worrisome stat is that he didn’t have an interception with his time at Wake. But, he was productive and played a lot. We will take him with open arms to fill a hole. Kamal Hardy could be here as well.

SS: T.J. Jallow - 6’2”, 205 Pounds, Junior

Everyone was excited when we got Jallow. Then we found out he was a January enrollee and we got more excited. He was on the show, Last Chance U, where he played corner. Well, he will be our safety. I would assume that he will be in the box quite a bit, he can hit hard and is great in run support. In the spring game he was questionable in pass coverage, but he will improve with more coaching.

FS: Navon Mosley - 6’, 190 Pounds, Sophomore

He is listed as a corner. But we need safety help. He has the size and range to be able to cover the middle of the field for us. He has shown some decent ball skills, I think this could be a good move for him, but Tim Cason could play here too.


CB: Kamal Hardy - 6’, 185 Pounds, Senior

Former JuCo transfer, Hardy is in his senior year and could see a lot of playing time.

CB: Josh Hayes - 6’, 185 Pounds, Sophomore

Hayes played quite a but as CB2 last season. Sometimes he was good, sometimes he was bad. He is lanky and strong, he could push for a starting spot, I like him a lot.

SS: C.J. Parker - 6’2”, 210 Pounds, Senior

Another former JuCo guy that hasn’t seen the field all that much. He is a big guy, could get some serious PT.

FS: Tim Cason - 5’11”, 195 Pounds, Junior

I think he can be on the heels of starting. I like Cason a bunch. Seems to know where the ball will be when he plays. He has went back and forth from Corner to Safety, but we need some more depth at safety, so here he is.

Deep Reserves:

CB: Race Johnson - 5’11”, 190 Pounds, Senior

CB: Simeon Smiley - 6’, 200 Pounds, RS Freshman

CB: Brandon Shuman - 5’11”, 175, Sophomore

CB: Antonio Blackmon - 6’, 200 Pounds, Junior

CB: Mike Little - 6’, 175 Pounds, Sophomore

CB: David Day - 5’9”, 195 Pounds, Sophomore

S: Brennan Thieneman - 6’1”, 195 Pounds, RS Freshman

S: Jacon Thieneman - 6’, 205 Pounds, Junior

S: Ronnie Hill - 6’, 200 Pounds, Sophomore

S: Andy Chelf - 6’, 195 Pounds, Sophomore, Injured

S: Wes Cook - 5’10”, 195 Pounds, Senior

Incoming Freshman:

CB: Dedrick Mackey - 5’11”, 175 Pounds, 3*

He could probably get some PT this fall if he comes in and wows in the summer. He is one of our highest recruits that committed. He was a great get for Brohm, will probably see some type of playing time and by his senior year be really good. Think of Ricardo Allen as in talent coming in. If he can develop as well as Ricardo, we will love him.

S: Jacob Abrams - 6’2”, 195 Pounds, 2*

Carmel kid, big and tall, probably headed for a redshirt but has a really impressive highlight tape.

CB: Kenneth Major - 6’, 190 Pounds, 2*

Got him to flip from WKU, fast and rangy. Probably headed for a redshirt year.

There you have it. I do believe that they will be better than the previous few years. The new scheme will probably help out as well, but the talent and depth have started to get older, in turn, we will be better.