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Caleb Swanigan & Vince Edwards Decision: 24 Hours to Go

Purdue two forwards are down to the final day before announcing their decisions.

Indiana v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

We have 24 hours to go.

The next 24 hours will decide if Purdue is merely a good team with a decent shot at an NCAA Tournament bid, a top 25 team, or a National title contender. Vince Edwards and Caleb Swanigan must announce their final draft decisions by 5pm ET tomorrow.

Vince Edwards

Edwards worked out with the Pacers yesterday and it generally went well:

"Being at this level, guys are quicker, faster, more athletic," Edwards said. "Coaches always say good players can be in two places at once. I'm trying to work on getting quick shots, getting a rhythm, still having my rhythm and taking my shots."

I still would be surprised if Edwards stayed in the draft. Draft Express does not have him listed as going in either round. Neither does Unless Vince is fine with the D-League or playing in Europe I just don’t see him leaving. He can come back to Purdue and potentially be a first team all-Big Ten selection, which would help his stock.
Still, we’re waiting. Twitter has been all quiet so far, so we’ll see.

Caleb Swanigan

I can’t believe this is possible, but there is a real chance that Caleb comes back. Draft Express has him at 40th overall and has him at 44th. Bleacher Report, SB Nation, and virtually every other mock draft does not have him as a 1st round pick. Only Gary Parrish at CBS Sports has him as a first rounder at No. 27.

Caleb works out with Orlando today and the Knicks tomorrow. Personally, if either team said they were going to draft me I would come running back to college because neither organization has a clue as to what it is doing. Swanigan has worked out for several teams and went to the Draft combine. He has all the information he can get.

It really is a question of is simply being drafted enough. It most likely seems like Biggie would be a second rounder, which does not come with a guaranteed contract. I still think it is absurd that players who haven’t done a tenth of what Biggie has done statistically are well ahead of him in the draft, but I am not an NBA GM that constantly drafts in the lottery.

The fact that Draft Express has D.J. Wilson and Thomas Bryant ahead of Swanigan is absolutely laughable. The NBA is terrified of the sure thing when they might be able to cash in on the potential of a guy that has “measurables”.

But that might be enough to drive Biggie back to West Lafayette. When this started I thought there was a less than 1% chance he returned. Now? I think we’re approaching 35%. I also think those chances are rising.

And so we wait.