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Caleb Swanigan Vs. Ivan Rabb

Caleb Swanigan has an important battle today.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Purdue vs Iowa State James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

NBC Sports brought up a great point in their article yesterday.

Almost every mock draft has Ivan Rabb as a top 20 pick.

Almost every mock draft has Caleb Swanigan in the 2nd round in the draft.

They both have workouts with the Orlando Magic today.

To say that this is a big day for Caleb Swanigan’s NBA draft stock is an understatement. As the NBC article says, the Orlando Magic have 3 picks between 25-35. Most of the NBA mock drafts have Biggie in the 40’s.

Simple. He needs to out perform Ivan Rabb at today’s workout.

Even if he does, it doesn’t mean he will be picked over Rabb, that just won’t happen. But a great workout could get the Magic to love him. You only need one team to love you for them to pick you. A late first round, early second round promise from the Magic probably sends Biggie to the NBA.

If he performs poorly today, well.. The rumor mill of him coming back will get even hotter.

By all accounts, Biggie is better than Ivan Rabb. Look at their stats side by side from college basketball. But, the NBA cares very little about that. Or Frank Mason III and Caleb Swanigan would be top 10 picks.

They love the word “potential”. Some NBA people think Biggie has maxed out. I disagree, he is just at the start of his peak. I do believe that Biggie will have a role in the NBA for a long time, his work ethic will get him there. Will he be a superstar? Probably not, but he will have a role.

But today comes first, his NBA role comes later.

Caleb Swanigan Vs. Ivan Rabb.

Out perform him Biggie, we all know you can.