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Isaac Haas to Return for Senior Season

The big man will be back for one more go-around in West Lafayette

Iowa State v Purdue Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The first domino has fallen, just as we expected and I wrote about earlier today. Isaac Haas, Purdue’s 7’2” center, will return for his senior season in 2017-18:

This is not a shock. We have long expected he would explore the draft process and return. It can only be beneficial as he has what he needs to work on his final season. Purdue gets back a physically imposing big man that basically demands a double-team because otherwise, he is an automatic two points on the low block. Yes, he needs to work on his defense and quickness, but we’re bringing back a career 1,000 point scorer and a guy that averaged 12.6 points and five rebounds per game last season.

Now we are only waiting on Vince Edwards and Caleb Swanigan to return. Vince will probably be back, while Biggie is more up int he air and we wouldn’t blame him for going.

Oh, and y’all are very good people for raising close to $14,000 for his sister in a day.