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Support a Fundraiser for Erin Haas

Isaac Haas’ sister needs a seizure dog, so let’s help.

Purdue v Kansas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Isaac Haas is a good dude. The gentle giant has become a fan favorite in his first three years on campus and, assuming he returns for his senior season as we expect, we’ll get one more year of cheering on the big guy in Mackey Arena.

Of course, he is a good dude for more than that. He is also the protector and advocate for his sister, Erin. Erin has battled seizures for most of her life and Isaac has beent he protector and advocate for her. It’s wonderful to see this, but the Haas family needs a little help. They are trying to get a service dog for Erin and need our help:

Erin will never live independently. She will never be able to drive because of the seizure activity and because of the complete Corpus Callosotomy. The Assistance dog will give her warning of oncoming seizures and companionship when she is alone. We also believe having an assistance dog will also help with her anxiety issues, which will in turn reduce seizure activity. Erin has a maternal nature so we also feel that having the responsibility of the dog will give her more confidence and freedom.

So let’s help the big guy’s sister out. He has looked out for her, so let’s look our for him and be big brothers and sisters for Erin.

UPDATE: This morning they have almost reached the $5,000 mark, so let’s keep this going: