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Player Review: Grady Eifert

Another walk-on gets a review.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Player: Grady Eifert

Class: Sophomore

Grade: A+

Stats: 1 Ppg, .5 Rpg

Grady is probably one of the most athletic walk ons that Coach Painter has gotten in his time as head coach. At 6’6” 220 pounds, he is the size of a small forward at any college program.

I think he could play himself into the rotation by his senior year, when he is in, you don’t see some type of player that doesn’t belong out there. Tyler Eifert, the Tight End for the Bengals, is his older brother, they share nearly the same build, with Tyler having about 30 pounds on him.

Just like all other walk ons, Grady gets an A+. These type of guys are vital to the success of a premier program, as they add to depth to the practice team and practice hard every single day. I would bet with the background of his family he comes and works his butt off every single practice that he partakes in.

Grady is valuable to this team, just like the other walk ons that are on the team. They work hard on the court and in the classroom, where getting a degree is the biggest goal for them. Grady was named to the B1G Ten All academic team this past season.

Thanks for a great season, Grady! Boiler Up.