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Player Review: Tommy Luce

Time to get Luce with this player review.

Name: Tommy Luce

Class: Freshman

Grade: A+

Stats: 0.1 Ppg, 0.3 Apg, 100% crowd love

Tommy is the typical freshman walk-on that everyone falls in love with.

The smart, savvy kid that is on the team for the same reasons Jon McKeeman was on the squad for. Desire, heart, passion, intelligence and a hard worker.

Tommy is a freshman that comes from Jeffersonville High School, way southern Indiana. He spent his first three years at Richmond High School, which is close to the border of Ohio. His dad was his high school coach at Jeffersonville his senior year.

Late in games, if we were blowing the opponent out, you could hear the Paint Crew start chanting, “We want Luce, We want Luce”. Usually, if there was a blowout we would get what we wanted. Then every time he touched the ball a loud “Shoot it!” would ensue. But, without wanting to be a bad sport, or anger Coach Painter, Tommy would just hold the ball until the buzzer.

Twitter would go in a frenzy when Tommy came in the game. People would even beg on Twitter for Coach Painter to put him in.

You ask, why does he deserve an A+? Every walk-on deserves an A+. They don’t get into the National spotlight, play mop up duties when games are in blow outs. Most importantly, they are good teammates, they play for the love of the game, and they are just happy to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Tommy will be a fan favorite for three more years. Boiler Up!