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Purdue Football: Wide Receivers Breakdown

A position with a lot of turmoil is up today.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

So, uh. We lost our top three wide outs this past season. Yancey, Posey and Marshall were 1, 2 and 3. Domo Young, would have been up there too if he didn’t get hurt after five games. He was still in our top five though.

There is going to be a lot of turnover at this position, and there are a lot of questions at this position. Like, who will be our starters? Who will be the back ups? What do our freshman look like? Are the JuCos coming in the real deal?

Those are all legit questions to ask, as we return no one in the receiving corps that were in the top tier of our team. It is a scary situation. But, I do believe David Blough and Coach Brohm are good enough to make a lot of receivers look really good. So, I am worried, but not too worried. Especially with Herdman and Hopkins dominating the middle of the field.

Here is my best guess though:


(X) Isaac Zico - 6’, 190 Pounds, 2*, Georgia Military College, Junior

The JuCo transfer isn’t even on campus yet. But, Coach Brohm was very high on him when he got his LOI. He is very quick on the outside and is a playmaker. I think he will fill in and start by the fall.

(Z) Corey Homes - 6’2”, 195 Pounds, Transfer, Notre Dame, Junior

The Notre Dame Transfer won’t be here until mid summer. But, he boats a sub 4.4 forty is the rumor. That is hard to keep off the field. He is smart too, finishing his degree at Notre Dame in 3 years. He was a former 4* prospect from Florida that has just been buried on the ND depth chart.

(Slot) Terry Wright - 6’, 180 Pounds, 3*, Coffeyville Community College, Junior

I could easily see Jackson Anthrop getting some starting PT here too. But generally, you don’t recruit highly rated JuCo guys unless you tell them they are going to get some PT. Wright is a solid kid, and is quick enough to play the slot. He will give match up problems to linebackers and safeties.


Greg Phillips - 6’, 200 Pounds, Senior

The senior has shown flashes to be good, but has also hurt himself with being injured and constantly dropping the ball. If he has a strong summer, he could get some PT with the starters too, we need him to be good.

D.J. Edwards - 6’2”, 185 Pounds, Freshman (Early Enrollee) 3*

Edwards had an okay spring from what I hear. He has a nice frame and gets a good start off of the line. But, will he catch the learning curve? Is he better than what is coming in? Time will tell.

Jackson Anthrop - 5’11”, 190 Pounds, Freshman RS

You know what you are getting with an Anthrop. Fast, smart and hard working. Jackson is a clone of his brother. Almost the same size, but Danny was a tad quicker I think. Many people though Jackson would never see the field, but it appears he has worked hard and is making plays at practice, Coach Brohm likes him. I do too.

Anthony Mahoungou - 6’3”, 210 Pounds, Senior

The Frenchman is a little slower and has problems catching the ball at practice. If he doesn’t make plays at practice, he won’t make them on Saturdays.

Terrance Landers, Jr. - 6’4”, 205 Pounds, Sophomore

I am still mad we burnt his redshirt last season. Landers is ultra talented, but there are maturity issues I guess. He missed a couple spring practices due to fixing some grade issues.

Deep Reserves/Special Team Heroes:

Tyler Hamilton - 5’8”, 175 Pounds, Freshman (Early Enrollee) 3*

Hamilton is fast, he might be returning kicks for us this year.

Benaiah Franklin - 6’1”, 200 Pounds, Freshman RS

A redshirt kid, he could figure it out and get some PT.

Malik Kimbrough - 6’, 195 Pounds, Senior

Return specialist.

Malcolm Dotson - 6’2”, 200 Pounds, Sophomore

Fastest guy on the team apparently.

Jarrett Burgess - 6’2”, 218 Pounds, Junior

26 year old, he and Dotson are two fastest guys on the team. Unless Corey Holmes has something to say about that.

While I am a little worried we lost our top 3 guys, I do think Blough and Coach Brohm can make decent receivers, pretty good. It is a mix up and these are my best guesses, but there can obviously be movement from the position at any given time.