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Purdue Football: Quarterback Breakdown

The start of breaking down position by position, leading into summer practice.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback is the most important position on the field, day in and day out. The most successful teams have above average quarterback play. He can manage the game, get the team out of bad situations and is the leader on our team.

I think we have one of those guys on the roster, in David Blough. David showed that he is capable to play in the B1G, with an incompetent coach and assistant coaches. Now, he has a staff of former NFL players that have a plethora of knowledge at the position.

Blough has Head Coach Jeff Brohm as his leader now. One of the best Qb’s in Loisville history and has showed he can develop quarterbacks at his time at Western Kentucky as the head coach. His younger brother Brian Brohm, the quarterbacks coach and Offensive Coordinator is another pretty good option to have teaching you the game.

Much different from Darrell Hazell and John Shoop.

David is along in his development, but the younger guys, Sindelar and Sparks have a great opportunity to learn underneath these guys.

So, let’s break it down.



David Blough - 6’1”, 200 Pounds, Junior RS

Blough has been the mainstay at quarterback since the circus we had that started with Rob Henry, Danny Etling, Austin Appleby. We settled with David, I guess settled is a bad word, because he has been pretty good. He has the ability to run as well, but prefers to stay in the pocket. He is a pretty good natural passer. Sometimes, his accuracy comes into question, but that is always a question with college quarterbacks. Last year, he lead the B1G with 3,352 passing yards and 25 touchdowns. But, he also lead the B1G in interceptions with 21. I do think with the new coaching staff his accuracy will improve drastically. He is, without a question, our starter this season.

Fighting for 2nd string:

Elijah Sindelar - 6’5”, 225 Pounds, Sophomore RS

Elijah was recruited by Coach Brohm when he was at Western Kentucky. He is a prototypical pocket passer with not much ability to run. At 6’5” 225 Pounds, it would be hard too. When he was in last year during garbage time, he struggled, plain and simple. People were calling for him to play over Blough, but it isn’t even close. The spring game wasn;t great for him either, he has a huge arm, but is so inaccurate. Everyone though he was going to be the back up again this year, but he is being pushed greatly by Sparks.

Jared Sparks - 6’1”, 200 Pounds, Freshman RS

Sparks is a dual threat QB. The only one we truly have on the roster. Coach Brohm said he isn’t afraid to use a couple of quarterbacks during a game, you have to think he is referring to Sparks. Jared can come in and give us a boost, run a wildcat option type package that you won’t see with anyone else on the roster. He wasn’t highly recruited out of HS, but his ability is starting to show out a bit. His accuracy has improved a lot from last year as well. He is so athletic, he might get some playing time at wide receiver even.

Deep Reserves:

Aaron Banks - 6’4” 210 Pounds, Junior

Danny Carrollo - 6’1”, 210 Pounds, Freshman RS

Incoming Freshman:

Griffin Alstott - 6’2”, 195 Pounds, 2*

The song of a legend, Mike, is coming to Purdue this summer. He is a dual threat quarterback as well, so we will have two on the roster. He seems like a prime candidate to get a redshirt to get an extra year to develop under the new staff.

Nick Sipe - 6’4”, 200 pounds, 3*

Sipe is a typical Jeff Brohm type QB, there is a reason he didn’t pull his schollie after the last staff left. Sipe can even move a bit for his size. He has a nice arm and decent accuracy, but he needs the weight room to thicken up a bit. He could truly turn out to be a gem in the near future, he was recruited pretty heavily.

In my opinion, no one touches the starting spot that Blough has, unless he is just awful this season. The 2 QB system is tough, but if his idea is to use Jared as an option QB, it could definitely work.

I am excited to see how this position develops over the summer into the season.