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Purdue Football: Who Could be the Casualties?

Let’s take a look on who might be prime candidates to be in a different uniform next season.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Coach Brohm said there was five to ten guys that are not really buying in yet. I am expecting some casualties when it comes to the roster at the end of the spring semester, so who could it be?

As of now, we are three scholarships over. So, a minimum of three guys are going to get kicked to the curb. But, I am thinking it might be closer to seven.

I am not saying that these are bad kids in anyway, or a distraction to the team. But, it is hard for some players to buy into a new coach’s philosophy sometimes, you see it with any coaching change in college football.

The way Coach Hazell & Co, coached was much different than what I have seen from Coach Brohm’s staff. This staff is in your face and if you did something wrong you know about it. Hazell’s staff was more, “we will review the tape”. Some kids probably don’t take to the new style of coaching.

Here are my candidates that may leave to play elsewhere at semesters end:


Johnny Daniels - OL/DL, Senior (5th)

If Johnny graduated this year, he could seek a graduate transfer opportunity, where he could play right away or transfer to an FCS school, such as Indiana State. Johnny never found a spot under Hazell and now Brohm. He has been listed as a Defensive Tackle, Offensive Tackle and Offensive Guard during his career, never truly finding his spot. Those positions are all huge positions of need too, if he cannot get on the field at either of those spots, I could see him seeking another opportunity.

Keyante Green - RB, Senior (5th)

It was only a couple of years ago many believed that Keyante was going to be the running back of the future for us. That has went away quickly. It seemed as if he was in Hazell’s dog house during his entire tenure. If Keyante got his degree, he could transfer and be eligible immediately. I think he could be an impact player somewhere, but in the spring game he didn’t even get a touch, he seems as the odd man out again in a loaded backfield.

Dezwan Polk-Campbell - LB, Senior (5th)

Polk-Campbell has an opportunity as the other two above him. If he has his degree, he could go play elsewhere right away. If not, then it is a waste to transfer. Polk-Campbell had a lot of potential when he came to campus, but has been buried by Danny E, Jawhuan Bentley and Markus Bailey

Bearooz Yacoobi - OL, Junior RS

He easily has the best name on the team. But hasn’t played. Hypothetically, he could have finished his degree in three years on campus. If he has, he could transfer and play two with another team. If not, he could transfer, sit out and play one. Bearooz probably won’t crack the two deep his next two years on campus, so I wouldn’t blame him for leaving.

Tim Faison - LB, Sophomore RS

Tim is a guy that is too skinny for his spot. He is only right around 200 pounds. He is a pretty good athlete, but is buried by some pretty good linebackers that are ahead of him. He has a pretty high ceiling, but no one knows if he can obtain that ceiling or not. If I was him, I would ponder transferring just to get some playing time.

Andy Chelf - S, Sophomore RS

I am not putting him on here due to the recent incident. Since Chelf committed to Purdue, he has had bad luck. A torn ACL in high school, another one at Purdue, then the recent incident on campus. If I was Chelf I would probably be searching for a new opportunity as a fact to get away from the bad mojo he has faced at Purdue.

Fred Brown - DT, Sophomore RS

Brown is buried on the depth chart. I don’t think he will ever gain traction to get to the two deep either. The writing is on the wall for him. Granted, he could get a Purdue degree, but he won’t play. Fred was a late offer by Hazell, we had an open spot needed depth so it went to him, it is unfortunate, as I have met Fred and he is a really nice kid.

This is all speculation at this point and I have no real information on the topic. But when a coach says that there are 5-10 guys that haven’t bought in, it makes you think that there will be some casualties along the way. Look around middle of may for some to happen.