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Purdue Wins Second Big Ten Title of 2017

We run this conference now, as Mike Bobinski is delivering Big Ten titles already.

Purdue did not win a team Big Ten title in any sport during the last three years under athletic director Morgan Burke. As a result, we famously trailed the University of Chicago 73-71 in team title despite the handicap of Chicago not competing in the league for more than 70 years. The recent men’s basketball title drew us closer to the Maroons, but tonight we were able to finally tie them as Mike Bobinski delivered on his second Big Ten title in just 6 months on the job:

Yes, that’s right. Our babies are faster than the rest of the babies in the Big Ten. We are going to be running this conference for a long time with the youth Bobinski is developing. It is the dawn of an era of Boilermaker dominance of which we ahve never seen.

As the race had other expected results:

Looks like it is our weekend in DC.