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5 Guys & Whys: BTT Edition

Who will win the BTT? Who is the sleeper team? Who scares you the most?

Purdue v Northwestern Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

The BTT starts this Wednesday. Our Boilers are the outright champions of the regular season, giving us the 1 seed in the tournament. But there is always questions to be asked. In this 5 guys we look at the following: What team is going to win the BTT? Who is the sleeper team in the BTT? Lastly, what team just scares the poop out of you?

Here is the BTT Bracket, if you have yet to see it also.

Let’s start with the leader of our pack, T-Mill:

My pick to win it was Minnesota before Wisconsin thoroughly demolished them yesterday. that was a surprise because the Gophers were looking so good and the Badgers were looking so bad. It was like Wisconsin finally remembered it is a good team. Now, I don't know what to think. I do think Maryland comes out of the bottom half of the bracket to reach the final. For Purdue, it looks like we're getting a Michigan-Minnesota first two games, and those were the teams that gave Purdue the most trouble in the regular season. I view it as an opportunity, however. Purdue can pick up five top 50 wins in DC if things go well. Obviously, it can get three by beatings Michigan, Minnesota, and Maryland all in a row. It can get two more if Northwestern (currently at 53 in the RPI) can get a win or two to move up.

I think Purdue either loses to Michigan again or beats the Wolverines, dominates Michigan State a third time in the semis, then plays Maryland in the final.

Here is what Jumbo Heroes had to say:

If you listened to our podcast yesterday, which if not you absolutely should, you'd know that I picked Purdue to win this thing in full homer mode. I don't think it's too much of a stretch though. Purdue beat the other top teams in the league and looked good doing it for the majority of the year. The games Purdue lost on were sort of weird fluke games where Purdue either shot horrifically or just came out of the gate zombiefied like against Minnesota. I think Purdue has the best player in the conference in Caleb Swanigan and when you've got the best player you've always got a pretty good chance to come home with the title.

My sleeper team would have to be Iowa because of Peter Jok who can beat you all by himself. He's a great player and he sort of scares me.

As mentioned yesterday on the podcast, seriously just listen to it, I mentioned that Minnesota is the team I would least want to see in the tournament. They've been playing extremely well and are a team that if they get hot can absolutely dominate you. I'm gonna be honest, that's a weird sentence to write let alone read. Those are my picks.

Now from Casey:

I answered Purdue on the podcast last night but the more I think about it, the more I think home court will give it to Maryland. I still don't know how we pulled off that game earlier this year. It's hard to imagine whatever horseshoe was up our ass then hasn't been clinched to dust. That said, Purdue has been demonstrably better than everyone else and I want to be a homer. So, give me Purdue still.

The team that could be a sleeper and scares me the most is one in the same. Michigan. We saw what Wagner and crew could do to us. I want no part of them. They might have the highest ceiling in the conference and their length and shooting is our kryptonite. Also. Wagner is a unicorn. I don't like unicorns.

What did Pebbles (New Guy) have to say?:

I'm taking the champs. Purdue will win the BTT because of their consistency. They won the regular season title for a reason. They have so many weapons that can beat a team. They have arguably the NPOY surrounded by a host of skilled shooters. I think probably the biggest asset they have right now is Vincent Edwards. His versatility really takes this Purdue team to a whole other level. When he is aggressive like he was yesterday at N'Western this team is tough to stop. I do think they have a very tough bracket to navigate.

I think a sleeper team to win the BTT is Michigan. They seem to be playing really well right now, and when they are shooting the ball well they are almost impossible to stop. Having said that they team that scares me the most to upset the Boilers is Michigan. They already beat us once this year, and it would be tough to do it again but they are a tough matchup for us and on a neutral court anything can happen. I still believe that Purdue is the best team in the league and they seem to be playing their best basketball right now. But this BTT seems like it could be one of the most wide open in recent years.

And I saved the best for last, me:

Give me Purdue to win the BTT. Yes, I am absolutely a homer. MD will have a real chance though with it basically being a home game for them on the east coast. I think Biggie will continue to drive the Boilermaker engine. We will need more out of Carsen to win the BTT though. As of late, he hasn’t been nearly as efficient, which really hurts our guard play. But, as long as the big three, Dakota, V.E. & Biggie, play well, I like our chances. CMP has really coached his butt off these past few games, it was evident in the NW game where you saw V.E. posting up and making basket cuts on Biggie getting double teamed. If Purdue is to win, we will need consistent guard play from PJ & Carsen.

For my sleeper team, I am going to go with Ohio State on the other side of the bracket. If Lyle & Loving can play well a few games in a row they could be dangerous. They have the talent, but are so underachieving somehow. Thompson can dominate on the boards for them as well. I think they have a real shot of beating NW in round 2 and MD in round 3.

I am most scared of Wisconsin. They have been up and down the entire back half of the B1G season, but they are Wisconsin. Happ, Hayes and Koening can oush them by themselves. They just dominated Minnesota yesterday, winning by 17 and holding the Gophers to 49 points. That is scary to me, we match up well with them, but they are always a tough out in March.