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Player Review: Jon McKeeman

Our first player review is on 5th year senior walk-on to scholarship player, Jon McKeeman

McKeeman more than likely going in for a dunk against Illinois.

Name: Jon McKeeman

Class: Senior - 5th year

Grade: A+

Jon is exactly what from a walk on to an eventual scholarship player. He practiced hard, he worked hard in the classroom and you didn’t see him in the news.

He is the epitome of a former walk-on player for Coach Painter, who has always been a coach that rewards walk-ons during their senior year with a scholarship. Jon came to the team as a freshman, walking on after playing his high school ball at Carroll High School in Fort Wayne.

Jon graduated with his degree in his first four years while on the basketball team, in movement and sports sciences. He has been on the B1G Ten All Academic team every year since 2014 (!). That is impressive alone. He also the 2 time winner of the B1G Ten Distinguished Scholar Award. Like I said, exactly what you want from a walk-on player, GPA booster and he has never done wrong with his academics.

This year, with his scholarship from Coach Painter, he enrolled in grad school at Purdue, studying Health and Kinesiology, maybe some day he will be a trainer for the Purdue Athletic Department of some type. His GPA from his undergrad and grad school is hovering right around 3.96.

Not only did Jon get it done in the classroom. This year, he doubled his career total points. From 5 to 10! Jon has been a great Boilermaker and has represented Purdue and the Purdue Basketball team with pride.

Thanks for 5 great years Jon, you will be great at whatever you decide to do in life! Boiler Up!