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NCAA Tournament 2017 - The Revenge of Robbie Hummel: D-Day

The grand finale. Less fiction, more factual.

We left off with Rob saying that the loss to ALR would be the last let down we would face.

We already knew from part one that he predicted we would be in the Sweet 16 this year.

But now, today, it is D-Day.

Today we play Kansas. There won’t be much fiction today, I am too focused on tonight to be creative (or whatever you want to consider the first three parts). A win could be monumental in a variety of aspects. It would help with recruiting, Coach Painter’s confidence, Caleb Swanigan’s draft stock and maybe even Vincent Edwards’ draft stock if he continues to play out of his mind.

What can we expect today? What do we know about tonight’s matchup?

We know that they also have a potential National Player of the Year in Frank Mason III.

We know they have a freshman on their team that will be a lottery pick in June.

We know they have a sharpshooting guard that, if left unguarded, can beat us by himself.

We know we aren’t favored in tonight’s game.

But what do they know about us? I feel like the media has covered the past few days what Kansas is able to do, but not what we are able to do. Reggie Miller is really the only one to give us any love.

Do they know that our point guard, PJ Thompson, is in the Top 5 for turnover to assist ratio?

Do they know that our 2 guard, Dakota Mathias, is a top 5 defensive player in the B1G?

Do they know that our next guard, Ryan Cline, isn’t just a sharpshooter? That he is put into place for defense and easy post entries to our All-American Caleb Swanigan.

Do they know that Vincent Edwards is just as good as Josh Jackson?

Do they know that Caleb Swanigan is the first player to have four 20-20 games since Blake Griffin?

Do they know about Isaac Haas’ efficiency and Carsen Edwards’ explosiveness, Spike’s leadership?

The media hasn’t made it look that way.

Sorry, I got too serious there. But, I am ready for tonight the day to prove people wrong to take the next step as a program.

Today isn’t the day for too much fiction. Maybe I am being too serious. I apologize if that is what you wanted.

I just think the media and some people are counting us out. Even some of our own people, Boilers, don’t believe in Coach Painter. We can win. Caleb Swanigan can will us to win. But it isn’t without some help.

Did anyone else tune in to BTN yesterday and watch Big Dog’s team beat Kansas in the Sweet 16 over 20 years ago? It was delightful. Wouldn’t it be so great to have that feeling again? To beat one of those Blue Blood programs?

The Revenge of Robbie Hummel is real. From when we got beat 5 years ago in the 2nd round where he played his butt off but we got beat. A win tonight is for all of the Boilers in the Painter era.

We have been through it all, success with the Baby Boilers, Dark Ages with players that didn’t belong in the old gold and black, rebirthing of Painter’s mantra by getting Purdue guys back in the old gold and black with this junior class and then finally pushing us back to this position, a birth in the sweet 16, with Caleb Swanigan & Carsen Edwards.

The time is now.

Here is my prediction, Boilers 82 Jayhawks 78 - What’s yours?