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Isaac Haas is a Good Dude

What a gentle giant he truly is.

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We know how dominant Isaac Haas can be when he is on his game for our Boilermakers. But, I am going to assume that many of us did not know how good of a guy he is off the court.

He can have mean streak when on the court, as we saw Tuesday when he was pushing IU’s itty-bitty forwards around. But, off the court, he is truly a gentle giant.

We at H&R had no idea either, until T-Mill forwarded me an email this morning. All I could say is WOW, Isaac is a great guy. If basketball doesn’t work out for him to make a living off of, he will be just fine with his personality and willingness to help others. Here is what we received this morning:

“Purdue’s Isaac Haas stands out on the team, but his hard work extends far beyond the basketball court. The junior standout was one of 181 athletes nominated for the Allstate National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) Good Works Team® this year for his incredible community service efforts.

Haas is a leader on the team and in the community; his remarkable community service accomplishments include:

· Planning to start a charitable organization and research foundation to raise awareness and research a cure for epilepsy in honor of his sister, Erin, who was diagnosed with the disease as an infant

· Spending many hours reading and interacting with children at local elementary schools

· Mentoring children at the local Lions Club and visiting local Children's Hospitals

· Speaking to several church organizations in Indiana”

Yup, I am as impressed as you are. We all knew about his sister having epilepsy after IU mocked him over the issue a couple years back. But, I wasn’t aware of everything else he does in the community or how the hell he finds enough time to do all of this while obtaining a degree from the greatest university on this planet & playing basketball for a conference championship team.

Isaac Haas is a B1G time player on the court and he plays an even B1Gger role off the court. Isaac, thanks for just being a good dude. Everyone in the Purdue community appreciates what you do on and off the court!