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Purdue Football dismisses three after sexual assault investigation

After an investigation into a reported sexual assault three players are gone.

Illinois v Purdue Photo by Cory Seward/Getty Images

Three players have been dismissed from the football team and expelled from the school today in connection with a reported sexual assault from last October. The report comes from Fox 59 in Indianapolis, which gives the details of the case:

The players were accused in an Oct. 13 sexual assault at an off-campus home where they lived. The Tippecanoe County Prosecutor’s Office reviewed the evidence after an investigation from the West Lafayette Police Department and decided not to file criminal charges in the case.

Another woman also claimed the players sexually assaulted her. In addition, the players were accused of providing alcohol to minors and maintaining a common nuisance.

The players were suspended from the football team but allowed to go to class. That’s no longer the case, however, after the university’s decision to expel the players.

The players in question were not named publicly in the story, as this was stated by Purdue:

Federal law prohibits the university from releasing specific information regarding disciplinary sanctions against a student, however, we reiterate that Purdue takes any report of sexual assault seriously. The university consistently follows its processes to ensure the rights of all parties involved are respected.

We first heard of this back in November, as it pertains to this incident we originally reported thanks to Fox 59.

(Editor’s note: Due to the sensitive nature of this topic we will not be allowing comments on this article at this time.)