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Selection Sunday 2017: How to Watch and Open Thread

Let’s Dance

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Northwestern Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

As the Big Ten Tournament wraps up in DC it is finally time:

Consider this your open thread for the section show, which will be live on CBS. here is how you can watch.

Channel: CBS

Time: 5:30 p.m. EST

Online streaming: and

How long it’s gonna take: 90 minutes, which is definitely still too long, but is at least shorter than last year.

As for Purdue, here are my thoughts. I think we are going to be the 4 seed in Orlando. I think Butler and Notre Dame will be 3 and 4 seeds in Milwaukee and take away our second best place to play. Kentucky and Louisville will be coming to Indianapolis as preferred spots.

I also think that we are going to be the very last four seed. In a just world we get the nod over Notre Dame since we beat them head-to-head, but I also know that they are in the ACC and there is a mandatory circlejerk going for that conference right now.

As of this publishing there is an hour to go, so let’s watch.