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The Morning After: Videos From a Championship

We’re gonna enjoy this, but we’re not finished yet.

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

What a night last night. Even as I was driving home from West Lafayette and the high winds blowing across U.S. 52 threatened to have my car go tumbling into a cornfield I was giddy. Any time you win a Big Ten championship at Purdue it is a big deal. Among all sports we now only have 72 of them, till trailing the University of Chicago by one. In men’s basketball, however, we’re all alone on top with 23.

It is the first Big Ten championship in ANY sport for Purdue since women’s golf in 2013. Let’s look back on the night, shall we?

First, some actual game highlights:

Then a look back from Purdue basketball.

Over on our Facebook page I got some very poor video of the trophy presentation, the Senior ceremony, and the netcutting. Hopefully BTN will have some better quality stuff up later today or this week.

Finally, the players themselves saw their in-season Twitter ban lifted at least for one night:

Even I got in on the fun:

There is still work to do though. Let’s not share this with anyone on Sunday, then get a few more wins in DC and in the Tournament.

March is here.