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Why us?: Q & A with Newly Committed Viktor Beach

Viktor was kind enough to answer a few of my questions over his recent commitment.

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I have to be honest. I love one of our new recruits. I think Viktor Beach will come in and contribute from day 1. I may be wrong, but who cares. All you have to do is read his verbal commitment tweet from a few weeks back to understand that he is a high character guy.

I believe that we will get more high character kids in West Lafayette under Brohm then what we saw with the last regime. Viktor is as polite as it comes, he is already in love with Purdue without even stepping foot on the campus. He understands that we hate that school to the south of us too, which makes me like him that much more.

At 6’5” 300 pounds you are thinking tackle, with his nice height and lean build. But, from what I have heard guard is more of his future, weird, we have a hole there that he could play right away. He also tipped me in on something else that Purdue recruited him on. This is a short Q & A, we didn’t go too much in depth.

  • You were a highly touted recruit, with offers from Cincy, Mississippi State, Florida & LSU, what made you choose Purdue?

- The Big ten has always been my dream and Purdue is the top engineering school in the nation as well.


  • What do you think you project at in college, a tackle or a guard? Why do you think you fit there?

- I think I am more of a center/guard, Coach Williams was excited when he found out I could snap and make calls at center.

(HE CAN SNAP. I would assume this would put him as a back up center to Kirk Barron, Barron was solid last year and is only going to be a junior, but we do have open holes at guard)

  • Coach Brohm has only been on campus for right around 2 months, was it a whirlwind recruitment since he got here? Or did the previous staff contact you before?

- I was in contact with the previous staff, so it wasn't much of a haze. But the silence between changes was the only bump in the road for me.

(I find it interesting that the previous staff was in contact with VIktor, I hadn’t heard much from him or about him with the old regime. Granted, when Coach Brohm came in, everything amped up ten fold)

  • Lastly, have you met any of your future teammates? Do you guys talk regularly? What are you looking forward to the most at Purdue?

- Of course we have a group chat with all our commits and we talk all the time. I am looking forward to competing for a starting job at any position and earning my degree from Purdue.

(Earning a degree from Purdue University is important to Viktor if you haven’t caught on)

Like I said, this is a short Q & A, but I really think we are going to love this kid in the old gold & black, high character, a competitor and earning a degree is what is most important. These are the types of recruits Coach Brohm is going to continue bringing in, with high character and high IQ type kids, the wins will come.